What makes OCLF Educational Services unique?

• Delivery through Community Partners. We go to you so that your clients can access our services easily.

• Tailored Educational Services. We take the time to learn about your community service users and create programming to meet their needs, including immigrants, youth, and aspiring entrepreneurs facing barriers to employment, such as low-income or personal challenges.

• Bilingual Services. We deliver our services in English and French.

• Qualified Facilitators. Our facilitators are trained in content and delivery methods.

OCLF offers free and bilingual educational programming through Community Partners, such as:

• Community health centres

• Employment organizations

• Entrepreneur support centres

• Non-profits

• School boards

• Settlement agencies

• Training partners

By working with community organizations, this allows us to meet diverse needs and to tailor programming accordingly. 

OCLF offers the following Educational Services:

Credit in Canada

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Credit in Canada (CLB 4+): This workshop gives newcomers information needed to improve their economic situation. They learn about the importance of credit in Canada and its impact on their life choices. They also learn how to establish and maintain a strong credit history while avoiding common pitfalls.

Understanding Credit (CLB 2-4): This workshop explains the concept of credit and looks at examples. It highlights what to do and what not to do to establish and maintain a good credit history. Given the language proficiency of the group, the workshop uses a practical approach and speaks more to actions people can take.


Orientation to Entrepreneurship

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Orientation to Entrepreneurship serves as the initial point of contact for newcomers interested in starting a business and aims to leave participants with a clear idea of next steps and how to access the resources available in Ottawa.

The Orientation guides participants towards creating a plan of approach for business activities. They learn about business practices in Canada, tips in developing their business idea, business planning, business registration, regulations, and other legal considerations, and the various steps required to start a business in Canada.

home-based business for women entrepreneurs

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

The LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) for Home-Based Business Entrepreneurship Program is delivered in partnership with the Ottawa Catholic School Board and OCLF. Its aim is to integrate content-based language and entrepreneurship skills training to support immigrant women interested in starting a business working from their homes.

Our extensive program features a unique model that integrates language training, digital skills and business support. This comprehensive 20-week curriculum aims to increase language level while providing a combination of theory and practice and incorporating mentorship support throughout the training and post-completion.


trades entrepreneurship program

Funded by ontario trillium foundation​

Our Trades Entrepreneurship Training Program delivers OCLF content in a community partnership arrangement that provides participants 18 hours of training on a variety of themes related to starting a business in Canada. Some of the topics covered are self-evaluation, business planning, market research, marketing, budgeting, creating a financial forecast, registering a business and other legal considerations.

Throughout the program the participants are given information about various resources available to them and they get to interact with guests and local entrepreneurs, which opens the door to possible internships and mentoring.

This program is currently offered in partnership with the YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region as a part of their Pre-Apprenticeship Home Reno Training Program and Green Building Program.


entrepreneurship community pilot

Funded by ontario trillium foundation​

As part of this pilot, OCLF is offering a limited number of Entrepreneurship training cohorts to community organizations to serve local residents looking to start a business, regardless of immigration status and are open to international students living in Ottawa. These 18-hour long programs will cover everything from ideation to registering their businesses.

Some of the organizations we are working with include OCSB, Catholic Center for Immigrants, Incubator 13 and many others. If you are an Ontario-based organization looking to partner for clients with entrepreneurship training needs, or an Ontario resident seeking to participate, please reach out to us at for more information.

(Business Training Opportunity Circle)

Business Training Opportunity Circle (BizTOC) offers 10 workshops on a variety of themes related to starting a business. 

They are designed for newcomers to Canada and can be tailored to meet the needs of various groups.

  • Training 30 hours in 10 workshops.
  • Opportunity Personalized 1:1 business coaching, credit counseling, and access to community, human, and financial resources.
  • Circle Peer networking and support during the program.

If you are a community organization and would like to invite OCLF to deliver services in your community, please contact:

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OCLF empowers people by giving them information and tools to increase economic confidence and self-reliance or to start a business. Call or email us to find out how we could help you.