small business development resources

Federal Government Services for Small Business

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Find everything that the government can do for your business, all in one place. Click the link below to know more.

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)


The BDC supports businesses in all industries and at every stage of growth with money and advice. Check out their Articles and Tools section.

BDC's Business Plan Template

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The BDC’s Business Plan Template can help you define who you are, describe your business, and document how you will be profitable.

Entrepreneurship Vocabulary

This glossary of important business terms forms the foundation of OCLF’s Entrepreneurship programs.


Futurpreneur is a non-profit organization and a key OCLF lending partner. It provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39.

Start Up Canada

Start Up Canada connects entrepreneurs with the tools, community, and support they need to start and build their businesses.

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