Mary Satkunarajah, Owner Sam’s Residence


Jun 14


The OCLF loaned me enough money to go to school and earn my license

The Ottawa Community Loan Fund— Bridging A Gap In Health Services

In Sri Lanka,Mary Satkunarajah had been a registered nurse with over 15 years of experience, but in Canada she found herself unable to continue working in her profession,without first obtaining her accreditation.Mary worked hard to save up the cost of completing her Canadian Nursing License, but after four years she was still several thousand dollars short
of the required sum.

A training loan from the Ottawa Community Loan Fund,made all the difference, allowing Mary to concentrate on her studies.Now, she is once again living her dream, as the proud owner of a group home for former psychiatric patients in Brockville.The pride that Mary feels is also that
of her family, especially her grandmother,who encouraged her to devote her life to the well being of others.