Raffat Majdoub, Manager Aurora College


Jun 14


By covering my tuition, the OCLF gave me the peace of mind I needed to complete my training.

The Ottawa Community Loan Fund— Recognizing Talent, Changing Lives…Connecting Communities

When asked when he arrived in Canada from his native Ghana,without hesitation, Raffat Majdoub answers,“June 7th, 2000.” He held a foreign graduate degree in Communications, but decided that he could make a better living as an English teacher. When his letter of acceptance arrived from Queen’s University, Raffat was ecstatic, but quickly discovered that he did not have enough OSAP funding to cover the cost of his accreditation program.Already working two jobs and with only a few weeks to make his first tuition payment, Raffat realized that he desperately needed some financial assistance.

Unwilling to take a chance upon a new Canadian without an established credit history, the local financial institutions turned him away.That’s when Raffat heard about the OCLF and its InternationallyTrainedTalent Finance Initiative (ITTFI). He quickly applied and was loaned enough money to cover the cost of his course-related expenses. A year later, Raffat proudly displayed his Bachelor of Education and is now managing one of Aurora College’s campuses in the NorthwestTerritories.