Our Accomplishments

 2014: 65 (sixty-five) loans

  • Immigrant Partner Program  total participants for Credit and Loans in Canada workshop: 640
  • Over 90 % satisfaction rate
  • —85 % took actions within 1 month

—2013: 39 (thirty-nine) loans

  • Spring 2013 OCLF receives a short-term project funding from Community Foundation of Ottawa for the Immigrant Partner Programs.
  • July 2013 OCLF receives a two-year grant of $119,000 from Ontario Trillium Foundation to continue the Immigrant Partner Programs. Project started in September 2013.
  • October 2013 OCLF receives an 18 months funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to further strengthen the Immigrant Partner Programs.

2012: 8 (eight) loans

  • Six month long pilot funding initiative from the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) for Immigrant Partner Programs.