Newcomer Finances Toolkit


Welcome to the Ottawa Community Loan Fund’s Newcomer Finances Toolkit, produced with funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. We have designed this toolkit to help you address financial topics with the newcomers in your program. Begin with the Instructor’s Manual, which will give you an overview of the toolkit as well as helpful information on how to use it. The Instructor’s Manual also has suggested activities to use with newcomers.

Each of the topics has a set of worksheets, including information about the topic and activities to aid newcomers in understanding and applying the information. You can use the whole package of worksheets for a topic area or select the ones that are relevant to the newcomers in your program.

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We have also designed an online practice bank machine and direct payment (debit) machine so that you can help newcomers become comfortable with using these machines. Instructions for using the online machines are in the Instructor’s Manual, and the Banking Worksheets have sample tasks for newcomers to complete using the online practice machines.

The OCLF has also prepared a Guide to Organizing a Financial Literacy Summit to help organizations bring together people working in financial literacy in their community. A financial literacy summit helps participants begin or improve their financial literacy training with clients. It also provides opportunities for networking and puts participants in contact with resources and agencies to support them in their work. Host a summit in your community!