Application Submission

Thank You for Your Submission.

Next steps:

In order to continue with your application you will need to leave OCLF’s site and create a user account with CYBF ( This will allow you to register as an entrepreneur with the CYBF and apply for funding, including giving permission for a credit check to be run but you will then need to contact us at the OCLF, as the CYBF’s Community partner in Ottawa before the process can go any further.

We need to check that there are no immediate issues which have to be addressed before you would be eligible for CYBF funding. (In fact normally it is sensible to go through that process before any application is made.) We need to be in contact in any case since we would take you through the process of applying to the loan to the point that you will have been before our Local Review Committee and your application will have been recommended to the CYBF for funding.

Please feel free to contact us anyway with any questions regarding the application process or if you would like to discuss your business: 613-366-2159.