Educational Services

OCLF empowers people by giving them information and tools to increase ​economic confidence and self-reliance or to start a business.

What makes OCLF Educational Services unique?

• Delivery through Community Partners. We go to you so that your clients can access our services easily.
• Tailored Educational Services. We take the time to learn about your community service users and create programming to meet their needs, including immigrants, youth, and aspiring entrepreneurs facing barriers to employment, such as low-income or personal challenges.
• Bilingual Services. We deliver our services in English and French.
• Qualified Facilitators. Our facilitators are trained in content and delivery methods.


OCLF offers free and bilingual educational programming through Community Partners, such as:
– community health centres
– employment organizations
– entrepreneur support centres
– non-profits
– school boards
– settlement agencies
– training partners


By working with community organizations, this allows us to meet diverse needs and to tailor programming accordingly. Educational programs have been developed and delivered to:



1. Credit in Canada covers understanding credit and how it works; credit reporting; how to build good credit and credit dos and don’ts.
2. Ready for Business? offers an introduction to entrepreneurship in Canada and explores pursuing this as a career option.



1. Understanding Credit helps youth avoid potentially risky futur situations by covering how credit works; credit reporting; how to build good credit and credit dos and don’ts.
2. Managing Your Needs and Wants to Save Money workshops help youth prepare for the futur by understanding the difference between needs and wants and provides tips to save money.



1. Credit for Entrepreneurs covers how to build good credit and credit dos and don’ts.
2. Personal Budgeting teaches how to create a personal budget and how to manage income and expenses.
3. Saving workshops provide tips on saving and how to manage needs and wants.
4. Preparing for Financing covers how to improve your chances of getting business financing.


Aspiring Entrepreneurs

(whom are currently underserved by the mainstream, such as low-income individuals or newcomers)
1. BizTOC, FORMentreprise in French, offers long-term training, limited coaching, and community connections in a 30 hour training program plus 6 follow-up sessions and is delivered at community partner locations.


If you are a community organization and would like to invite OCLF to deliver services in your community, please contact: