Noel Tarabocchia, Owner X-SCREAM Video Productions Inc


Jun 14


The OCLF was instrumental in our development, helping to get things kicked off and making it possible for us to be where we are

The Ottawa Community Loan Fund— Helping To Keep Small Business In Motion

Only a few years ago,NoelTarabocchia found himself struggling to secure financing for his company,X-SCREAMVideo Productions Inc.His vision, of pairing virtual environments with Internet Flash© technology to create interactive,media presentations,was able to elicit praise from the CEO of a major software company (nowAdobe), but not the start up capital he required from the banks.Despite having the expertise and a viable business plan,Noel was denied a loan because his company had not been operating long enough for them to justify the risk.

That is when Noel learned of the Ottawa Community Loan Fund (OCLF) and its character based lending.With the money he received, from the OCLF,Noel was able to cover both equipment and marketing costs that, in less than a month, landed X-SCREAMVideo its first client– a $30,000
contract.“Now the banks are calling me,” remarks Noel as he stands on the verge of taking his company international.