Emily Bertand, Owner The Royale Equestrian Centre


Jun 14


Website : http://www.royaleequestriancentre.com

OCLF gave me the support I needed to get my business going.

Saddling up for Business

Passionate about horses, Emily Bertrand knows the feeling of strength and freedom that comes from riding. From a young age she began working at local stables to enhance her knowledge and skills. These experiences gave her the confidence to believe that she too could operate her own barn, but first she needed to secure the financing.

After being turned down by the banks, who did not want to take a chance on a new business, Emily approached OCLF. Her $10,000 loan helped her purchase much needed equipment and supplies. In July 2007 her dream became a reality when The Royale Equestrian Centre opened its doors.
The competitive and recreational training that she offers as well as a summer camp for kids now allow her to share her love of horses with the community.