Ralph Schutz, Owner Regal Landscaping


Jun 14


Website : http://www.regallandscaping.ca/

With the first OCLF loan, we were able to secure the equipment and manpower to increase productivity substantially.

When It Comes To Helping Small Business, the Ottawa Community Loan Fund Is Getting A Green Thumbs Up.

You could say that Ralph and Deana Schutz have a business in full bloom.They originally heard about the Ottawa Community Loan Fund through some business colleagues and were amongst the OCLF’s first clients.Three loans and caring service from the OCLF have helped this landscaping business grow and its owners and employees prosper.

In 1998, Ralph moved to Ottawa and started Regal landscaping because his business opportunities in Northern Ontario had dried up. He now runs a year-round service with state-of-the-art equipment that employs up to 7 people. He has also recently launched a website from which he receives numerous enquiries for quotes.Thanks to the the OCLF’s support—not only is Regal Landscaping growing stronger, so is our Community.