Nathan Phillips and Cory Chobanik, Partners Nonlinear Engineering Inc


Jun 14


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Without the CYBF seed funding, this product would have never got off the ground, they were the only ones that believed in this as much as we did.

High-performance success with a little help from the Ottawa Community Loan Fund.

Fresh out of university, Nathan Phillips and Cory Chobanik of NonlinearEngineering Inc. spent many hours developing a prototype performance display gauge for motorcycles that they knew was commercially unavailable
and long overdue.

With the help of a loan from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), a partner of the OCLF, these driven young men were able to attend a trade show where they secured orders for their yet-to-bemanufactured product.These orders provided just the security needed to obtain a larger bank loan from the Business Development Bank of Canada to begin full production.

In just over a year, Nathan and Cory have been able to develop, manufacture and seek an international market for Veypor; a highlyacclaimed data-acquisition gauge for motorcyles.This add-on is now available on line and is in high demand by motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. For Nathan and Cory, the OCLF provided a huge performance boost!