Amy Shannon Leclaire, Owner Loving Paws


Jun 14


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OCLF and CYBF helped me to build my business by freeing me from the worry of having to make big loan payments

Turning Pet Projects into Thriving Businesses

Amy Shannon Leclair’s caring attitude towards animals led her to become an expert in her field. Working long hours at an animal hospital, she was alarmed by the number of pet-sitting related emergencies. Believing many of these accidents to be preventable,Amy Shannon decided to take a more pro-active role and open up her own professional pet sitting business, Loving Paws and House Sitting.

What attracted Amy Shannon to OCLF was the first year, interest only payments offered by the CYBF program. She also saw the value of being provided with a mentor to help guide her through the initial start-up phase.These supports freed her from the conventional pressures of a traditional loan, allowing her to concentrate on developing her business. The hard work has paid off and today Loving Paws and House Sitting employs over a dozen sitters with more on the way.