Amir Rahim, Owner Grounded


Jun 14


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OCLF gave me the support I needed to start doing what I love

Recipe For Talent

For Owner Amir Rahim, Grounded is more than just a kitchen and coffee house. It’s a personal expression of who he is and the love he has for the restaurant business. Together with friends he has scraped the ceiling and stained the wood. It’s not just a place of work, but of family. A home away from home and a source of pride in how far he has come and a reminder of the opportunities that lay ahead.

What attracted Amir to OCLF was the encouragement that he received. Expectations were clear and there was always someone there to assist him whenever he had questions or concerns. OCLF is proud of the support and feedback that it offers its clients. It’s a personal touch that only a community loan fund can offer.

Grounded is located at 100 Gloucester St.