Berhanu Desta, Owner Berhanu Desta, Owner


Jun 14


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OCLF helped to get my business off of the ground.

Cleaning-up the Competition

Two years ago, Berhanu Desta decided to go into business for himself. The recession was making it difficult to find work and he wanted to take matters into his own hands. The result was Greencare Home & Office Cleaning, a business that combines his passion for environmentally friendly solutions with his experience in the cleaning industry.

Berhanu had an idea; did the research but needed financing. He approached the traditional banks but found them reluctant to lend to a first time business. What Berhanu likes about OCLF is the process. It didn’t matter that his was a new idea. OCLF took the time to evaluate his plan and provide feedback. Thanks to OCLF’s support, Berhanu is now in business and eager to give back to future entrepreneurs.