Andriy Azarov, President of Canaflora


Jun 14


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OCLF helped me to realize my goals and attract investors.

Delivering Support To Help Business Grow

Ask Andriy Azarov about his first customer and a broad smile will break across his face. “It was June 2008 and it was fantastic!” For the first time he was selling his own product, running his own business and answering to nobody but himself. As President of Cana Flora, a floral e-commerce business, Andriy has been working hard to fulfill his vision of being the best.

When Andriy was starting out and in need of financing nobody would listen. He was the young guy, with a crazy idea, a new Canadian struggling to get his foot in the door. With OCLF’s support Andriy was able to complete his business plan and attract investors. Cana Flora is now the 2nd largest Canadian based business in its field. Andriy has earned his success and OCLF is proud to have been able to lend its support.